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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation And Arbitration

At Clendening Johnson & Bohrer, we know that mediation or arbitration is often the best way for our clients to resolve disputes. The benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) over litigation include cost savings, timely resolutions and settling conflicts in a productive and practical manner without burning bridges.

At Clendening Johnson & Bohrer, our commitment to providing both quality representation and excellent client service demands that we offer ADR services to our clients in support of their goals.

We Put Your Needs First Through ADR

Mediation and arbitration enable our clients to have input into the resolution of disputes in which they are involved. These methods satisfy clients’ preferences for faster, more economical and more predictable resolutions than what can be accomplished through litigation.

Not only do we regularly use ADR methods to resolve clients’ disputes, but several of our attorneys are qualified to serve as neutral mediators or arbitrators. Our background as litigators adds valuable insights to the process, as we can advise on what would likely happen if the case proceeded to trial.

Discuss The Most Advantageous Way To Settle A Dispute

A frank conversation with one of our litigation and ADR lawyers will help you discover the most beneficial way to move through and beyond your business’s pending dispute.

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